First and foremost: Exercise.

Marinating ‘may cut cancer risk’


Caution: this stuff is potent!

Fart-gas related to lower blood pressure

No-Carb Diets May Impair Memory

Daily nuts may help boost health

Sweet smells foster sweet dreams

Vitamin ‘may prevent memory loss’

How to think faster, better on your feet

Veggies may prevent hardening of the arteries

Great foods: fortified cereal, lean meat, pork, poultry, oysters: they have zinc and iron, minerals key to skin functioning.
10 Best Foods for Your Heart


Vitamin D cuts colon cancer death risk

Sodium: Adults need only about 1,500-2,000 mg of sodium per day (Dr Weil).  That’s sodium chloride.  1300mg for 50+ adults.

Vitamin D – is more than just helping bones – helps flow of calcium from bloodstream – potent anticancer properties – boosts immune system – link between low D and some serious diseases

Superfoods: purslane, beats, cabbage, guava, Swiss chard, Pomegranate juice, Goji berries, Dried plums, Pumpkin seeds.

B12: liver and shellfish are high on B12, as well as meat, fish, fortified cereals.

  1. June 8, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Memory loss isn’t funny. This is good info for people who can’t remember various events and vitamin B10…I remembered it was B13..

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