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Errors in superluminal neutrino experiment

Just as several physicists had suspected that something is wrong with the OPERA experiment (back in November 2011) that concluded that neutrinos have traveled faster than light, it now looks like their suspicions were correct.  Two major errors seem to have surfaced in the experiment at CERN — namely, two problems with the GPS synchronization system used and another problem that had to do with fiber optic cables used in transmitting the GPS signals.  This was reported by NATURE Magazine.  Einstein must be smiling in his grave.

The next issue to look forward to is whether the signals announced by CERN in December 2011 to be possible signs of the Higgs boson will in fact be confirmed to a 5 sigma level of certainty. (The data in December gave about a 3 sigma level of confidence.)  And how about supersymmetry (SUSY)? Still a no-show.

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