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In Iran crisis, who will be the leader?

If Israel attacks Iran’s nuke facilities before the US does, then it would show that the US is not leading the effort to stop Iran’s nuclear program. The US has not been playing any leadership role in the Mideast under Obama (in the Libya bombing, it played a secondary role under NATO). And the Iran crisis, a high profile issue in that part of the world, would further show, and affirm, that it is Israel that will take that leadership role to address world fears concerning Iran.

In fact, Israel has an opportunity to form alliances in the region to form a front against Iran, Syria, Hizbullah. With such an alliance can come leadership.

Obama could, if he wanted to, take over the leadership role by dealing with Iran before Israel does. And this could be where the two are in friction: the timing. So now … who’s going to be the leader?

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