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Higgs boson announcement by LHC team

The two most intriguing results from two independent experiments — ATLAS & CMS — at the Large Hadron Collider seem to be the decays of the Higgs into 2 photons, and the Higgs into W’s and Z’s & leptons. Their results are quite close enough to make it very interesting. But they are not conclusive proofs — 5 sigmas — to assure us of the Higgs’ existence. There may be other Higgs at work, beside only one (some predict 5 Higgs particles) — or the results could be attributable to some kind of new physics. We will need to wait into 2012 for the LHC to accumulate enough data to say for sure.  Today’s LHC announcement is not much different from what has been rumored: good & intriguing evidence but not conclusive.  I think we should prepare our minds for possible disappointments along the way, if that happens.

For authoritative blogs managed by particle physicists see: viXra Not Even WrongRésonaancesReference Frame.

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