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Egypt is the loser in this election, not Israel

Mr Hamed Bitawi has got it backwards when he said that Israel is the loser in the apparent Islamist win.

It is in fact Egypt that stands to be the biggest loser, and for several reasons.

First, if they meddle with the Peace Treaty they could lose the Sinai. Israel could decide to take it back if the Treaty is abrogated. Indeed, it would be expedient to do so in order to isolate Hamas regionally from an Islamist Egypt – esp. if Egypt becomes yet another state sponsor of terrorism.

Second, a war with Israel will devastate Egypt.  Would Tantawi allow that given that he knows what a war with Israel would mean to his troops? So if the Islamists want war or confrontation, they’ll be decimated — along with their Hamas brothers in Gaza.

Third, Egypt’s economy and tourism industry are already losing big time and will continue to under an Islamist regime (just like Hamas in Gaza and Shias in Iran). Tourists are afraid to visit Egypt after Mubarak’s fall.

Fourth, women — half of Egypt’s population — are the biggest losers when they will be subjected to the oppressive Sharia laws that the Islamists have in store for them.

In sum, with an Islamist win, Egypt is set on the losing course toward regression.

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