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Bible’s Buried Secrets

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

An interesting outline of recent archaeological discoveries related to the Old Testament particularly related to the historicity of the people of Israel—revealed thru the Merneptah Stele—the existence of King David and the Kingdoms of David and Solomon.

Some basic points: (1) The Israelites were originally Caananites who rebelled against oppression imposed by their rulers. (2) The House of David existed, David is a historical figure, as shown by script texts of his enemies acknowledging him and his kingdom. (3) Egyptian and Assyrian history helped to shed light on Israelite history. (And there is a lot more on NOVA’s website.)

Four FDR principles

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Four principles FDR used are: (1) passed major bills early, exercised his executive powers effectively; (2) brought the people to him thru artful persuasion; (3) Thought big and broadly; (4) didn’t stoop to the middle (or centrists), but brought the middle to him (as did Reagan).

Source: The Britannica blog.

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