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October 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Some interesting recent news articles.

Atom smasher fired up in ‘God particle’ hunt

Particle physics celebrates Nobel

Nobel prize for viral discoveries

2008 Nobel in Medicine

The rival to the Bible
Meat ‘ups prostate cancer risk’

A Ynet news article about the Vatican’s excuse for Pope Pius XII’s silence toward the Nazis.  And my response:

Let’s get this puppy straightened out.  Pius’ silence with the Nazis was in order to protect his church, not the Jews.  He was trying to save his own skin.  But why wasn’t Pius silent with the communist Soviets even when they were a threat to Catholics and Jews?  He was known to have openly condemned the Soviets even though they have persecuted Jews and Catholics (and there were certainly many Jews in the USSR).; whereas the Nazis weren’t in the habit of persecuting Catholics! Therefore, that whole gibberish about Pius being silent in order to protect Jews fails the litmus test.  One could argue that Pius could have saved more lives if he called upon German Catholics to wage a crusade against the Nazis right from the very start.

If the Catholic Church can’t learn today’s realities about such basic things as contraception, they will continue to color the past to suit their dream world, and this Pius excuse is no exception.

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