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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007 Leave a comment

Christmas is a time to think about Jesus and what He has done and what He
means to us (those who believe). It is also a time to reflect upon our
actions, words, deeds; to revise them and see if we are in accord with Him,
and with what we believe concerning His teachings. A time to confess our
sins. To recognize them, to be more conscious of them (they are real, after
all), and pray to the Lord to help guide us to fight the good fight against
those harmful sins; a time to be cleansed of them; a time for the Lord’s
healing words “be thou clean” (Mark 1.41).

God bless, and a Merry Christmas to all those who love Him and to those who
do not.

Samuel Prime

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House votes overwhelmingly for bill H.RES. 847: Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith

December 17, 2007 Leave a comment

The vote: 372 Yeas, 8 Nays, 10 Present, and 40 not voting. That’s 95% of the House voting in favor (not counting abstentions).

Text of the resolution: (Click on where it has “[H.RES.847.IH]”)



1st Session


H. RES. 847


Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.




December 6, 2007


Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.

Whereas Christmas, a holiday of great significance to Americans and many other cultures and nationalities, is celebrated annually by Christians throughout the United States and the world;

Whereas there are approximately 225,000,000 Christians in the United States, making Christianity the religion of over three-fourths of the American population;

Whereas there are approximately 2,000,000,000 Christians throughout the world, making Christianity the largest religion in the world and the religion of about one-third of the world population;

Whereas Christians identify themselves as those who believe in the salvation from sin offered to them through the sacrifice of their savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and who, out of gratitude for the gift of salvation, commit themselves to living their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Bible;

Whereas Christians and Christianity have contributed greatly to the development of western civilization;

Whereas the United States, being founded as a constitutional republic in the traditions of western civilization, finds much in its history that points observers back to its roots in Christianity;

Whereas on December 25 of each calendar year, American Christians observe Christmas, the holiday celebrating the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ;

Whereas for Christians, Christmas is celebrated as a recognition of God’s redemption, mercy, and Grace; and

Whereas many Christians and non-Christians throughout the United States and the rest of the world, celebrate Christmas as a time to serve others: Now, therefore be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) recognizes the Christian faith as one of the great religions of the world;

(2) expresses continued support for Christians in the United States and worldwide;

(3) acknowledges the international religious and historical importance of Christmas and the Christian faith;

(4) acknowledges and supports the role played by Christians and Christianity in the founding of the United States and in the formation of the western civilization;

(5) rejects bigotry and persecution directed against Christians, both in the United States and worldwide; and

(6) expresses its deepest respect to American Christians and Christians throughout the world.

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